RPM Front Bumper Mount X-Maxx RPM81342

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The RPM Front Bumper Mount for the Traxxas X-Maxx is a stout, ultra strong alternative to the small beam supports offered with the stock lower mount. Our version replaces those small tubular posts with a large, 4mm thick plate, offering tons of durability and flexibility to help absorb those heavy frontal impacts. It's simplistic plate design is key to its superior impact protection. By improving frontal impact absorption, our front bumper mount will save you time, frustration and money by protecting those more fragile internal components.

Each RPM Front Bumper Mount is molded in black and designed from our trademark blend of engineering grade nylons for a lifetime of protection you can trust.


  • Replaces the lower mount from stock Traxxas TRA7733 front bumper support
  • Rear bumper mount also available - sold separately

1x Front Bumper Mount